Past Lectures

Since our inception, we have had the honor of hosting and learning from many great speakers, educators, and leaders in the orthodontic community. Below is a list of speakers we have hosted since 2008.

Dr. Jae Park

Dr. Allan Sheridan

Dr. Anas Athar

Dr. Bruce MacFarlane

Dr. Won Moon

Dr. Ed Lin

Chris Bentson

Dr. Greg Huang

Dr. Herb Hughes

Dr. David Sarver

Dr. Allan Sheridan

Dr. Straty Reighellis

Dr. Barry Raphael

Dr. Hugo De Clerck

Dr. Mauricia Gonzales Balut

Dr. Chris Roncone

David Harris

Dr. Ben Burris

Dr. Allan Sheridan

Dr. Lou Chmura

Dr. Duncan Brown

Amy Morgan

Dr. Patice Pellerin

Dr. Luis Carriere

Dr. Steven Yen

Dr. Karl Nishimura 

Dr. Ray Sugiyama

Dr. Todd Ehrler

Dr. James Mah

Dr. Steve Dugoni

Dr. Bob Miller

Dr. Sean Carlson

Dr. Vanarsdall

Dr. Michael Gunson

Dr. Lisa Alvetro

Dr. Earl Johnson 

Dr. Gerald Nelson

Roger Levin

Dr. Sandy Ratner

Dr. David Alpan

Dr. Duane Grummons

Dr. Jason Cope

Dr. John Lohse

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