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Upcoming Lectures


March 22, 2024

Dr. Michael Gunson:

Considerations for the combined orthodontic and orthognathic patient

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May 31, 2024

Mr. Blake Hadley - My Social Practice:

Using Reels to Enhance Your Marketing


Mr. Jake Schwyzer from Gaidge:

Using Marketing Maps to focus your marketing efforts to the demographics that are important to you


August 9, 2024

Dr. Hap Dougherty:

“Cephalometrics, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for the 21 Century – A practical approach to orthodontic treatment with any case and any appliance system.”

Topics to be covered
1. Cephalometrics, diagnosis and treatment planning: Arnett / McLaughlin analysis – a better way
2. Anchorage: Working in the negative space -building it, guarding it and burning it
3. Orthodontic Mechanics: The keys to the kingdom
4. Sliding mechanics: Standardizing your approach to individualized treatment – how to run a
practical clinical practice
5. Limits of orthodontic movement:
a. When and how to expand the envelope of treatment using mini screws
b. When to move to surgical orthodontics - goals setup and finishing
6. Clear aligner therapy -Why are Tweed mechanics still relevant?
7. Lingual appliance: Sure, why not?

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September 13, 2024

Dr. John Pobanz and

Dr. Mattew Bruner:

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