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Dr. Ed Lin - 

Turbocharge Your Practice w/ 3D Digital Orthodontics for Maximum Clinical Efficiency!!!

October 20, 2023

       3D digital orthodontics has been a major disruptor in our esteemed orthodontic profession and technology innovations are the driving force behind all of this. In his lecture, Dr Lin will share his experiences over the past 24 years with the digital orthodontic technologies which he has utilized in his practices. Current topics which he believes are critical in advancing our esteemed profession of orthodontics are: 1) Digital orthodontics with technologies such as SureSmile, Insignia, Lightforce, Incognito, Harmony, BRIUS, and InBrace. Dr Lin has treated at least 1 case for each of these technologies (except for InBrace and Insignia) so has a very clear understanding of the pros and cons for each. 2) Cone Beam Computed Tomography - We currently have an ICAT FLX at each practice and have been involved with CBCT since 2005. Without a doubt, CBCT provides a higher standard of care for diagnosis and treatment planning. Now there are several therapeutic applications which integrate CBCT with treatments such as SureSmile for labial and lingual cases, Insignia for labial cases, and SureSmile, 3D Smiles, and Sparks for aligner staging. 3) Finally... Intraoral scanning and 3D printing. These 2 technologies go hand in hand and we as a profession should set a goal to eliminate alginate and PVS impressions entirely for all orthodontic treatment. High quality digital intraoral scans are more comfortable for patients, is much faster than a traditional impression, and offers a range of benefits to the orthodontist with digital data which can be easily stored and fabricated with 3D printing. In addition, this digital model can be transferred immediately to any lab for fabrication of all Phase I appliances, retainers, 3D printed indirect bonding trays, 3D printed models, 3D printed brackets, and for fabrication of aligners off of 3D printed models. 3D printing has also made an entry into metal 3D printing in orthodontics for fabrication of appliances such as RPEs, Nance appliances, and lower lingual arches. 3D printing is transforming orthodontics and adds incredible value and efficiencies to any orthodontic practice. Dr Lin personally feels that 3D digital orthodontics is the future for advancing our orthodontic profession and collaboration as a society is what will help take our profession to the next level.


Bahia Corinthians Yacht Club

1601 Bayside Drive

Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

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