Remaining 2022 Lectures

Dr. Jay Bowman

October 14, 2022
Session 1: Much Ado about Facial Esthetics: More
than Lip Service for the Controversies of Early Treatment.
Session 2, Part 1:  All Roads Lead to Rome for
Class II, Bad English, Good Practice 
Session 3, Part 2 Bad English, Good Practice
Distalization.  Uno, Dos, Tres: All the mini screws in the Same Place for All
Angle Classification Cases.
Session 4: Drastic Plastic: Improving the
Predictability of Clear Aligners

Dr. Antonio Secchi

September 16,2022
Simplifying Excellence in Treatment Mechanics

This lecture will explain how the Complete Clinical Orthodontics System (CCO System) integrates proven orthodontic principles with one of today’s “state of the art” appliance system to treat different types of malocclusions simplifying treatment mechanics, even in more challenging cases. Over the last 10 years, with its simplicity and efficiency, the CCO has positively impacted thousands of orthodontists around the world. Participants will learn how small details make a big difference in clinical outcome, how you can have control over the cases in all phases of treatment and what is the best wire sequence to take full advantage of the CCO System in different clinical situations.